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Comic, Greg Wong and MJ Alexander,, $5

Set in the year 2712, Spaceship Holocaust is a very literal comic that’s hard to describe without giving away spoilers. Short version: some bad stuff happens in outer space. Otherwise, it probably makes more sense to focus on aesthetics — and in the case of this comic, they are damn fine indeed. Illustrator MJ Alexander’s drawings are crisp, clean and she doesn’t skimp on the panels — it’s not an overly dense story but the amount of imagery helps build the tension and sense of unknown quite effectively. This really isn’t the type of narrative you typically see in an indie comic, yet Alexander’s drawing do help provide a nuance. The black-and-white look gives the whole production a loose cinematic feel if you want to go there. Genre-wise, it’s sci-fi, but there is a degree of realism to the faces and expressions considering these humans are (assumedly) barrelling through space. It’s a fairly light read and occasionally gruesome, but Spaceship Holocaust doesn’t seem to be vying for shock value or gratuitous gore. In lieu, it opts for a decent degree of subtlety, which can be hard to achieve in a comic where limbs are being severed. (Cam Gordon)

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