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ZINES_Static-Zine-BodyStatic Zine Issue 11: Body
Compilation zine, Jessica Lewis, Aviva Cohen, Melody Lamb (ed.), 24 pgs,, $2

Hairy, freshly shaven, white, brown, mechanical, tattooed, chubby, hooved, heeled and generally badass disembodied legs make up the cover of the latest issue of Static Zine. A collection of essays, comics, poems and so many hot bods exist within its 24 pages.

Pick up this zine for commentary on diets, size-based discrimination, injury, health, mad brows skills, mental health and (a personal favourite) the peeing habits of privileged white dudes. In an essay written by Eddie, the juxtaposition between the objectification and utility of bodies is made clear: “They tell you that you have beautiful long ballerina legs but no one ever encourages you to dance.” That line is stunning, as is Laural’s discussion of the pros and cons of an inevitable cybernetic future. Static sidesteps many of the common failings of collections that include many small, disparate but similar stories with the use of individualized fonts, hand-drawn images and the pairing of “pizza feet” with “air-less bags” (read: boobs). (CJ Blennerhassett)

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