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Static Zine

Zine, Issue 9, March 2014,, $2

Gather ‘round the table friends and behold the Torontonian feast that is the ninth issue of Static Zine. Over 20 contributors make their mark on this food-themed issue, with contents ranging from recipes, perzine-style entries, fiction and notated music for ukulele.

Like any compilation zine, the pieces vary in quality. Standouts include Jordon R A’s beautifully illustrated “Pumpkin Island” comic, Emily Craske’s illustration “When is it a good time to eat pizza?” (the answer: sad, drunk, high, happy, etc.), the collaborative piece “What would your last meal be?  and another illustration, Tom Lowery’s “Mom Art” featuring diagrams for cutting toast.

Even if the content is uneven, it’s still fun and it seems like everyone involved had fun contributing. Most contributions are single-pagers; so if you get bored, skip it! To top it all off, the Static crew gives a link to an online mixtape to accompany #9, chock full of food-titled songs (Bob Wills’s “Tater Pie”, Hank Williams’s “Jambalaya”) – all pre-1970! Pick this one up, hungry old-music aficionados! (Joshua Barton)

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