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Perzine, Sarah Rose,, $3

Sarah Rose has been through a lot by the time she arrives in Philadelphia. The first few passages in this edition of her zine talk about volunteering at a local LGBTQ drop-in centre, falling in love, and finding a way to pay the bills by making balloon animals. There’s a theme of starting over, and a couple of allusions to her troubled past in her hometown of Tazewell, Virginia. I liked that she used Greyhound receipts, old transit passes, and bus schedules for the background behind her blocks of printed text on many of the pages because
it reiterates the theme of moving on brought up in her writing. Later, in “Getting Clean,” Sarah Rose recounts in more detail an abusive relationship she left behind, the rape and molestation she endured as a child at the hands of her mother’s friends, and her struggle with addiction to intravenous drugs. Her description of substance abuse is jarring in its frankness, not only through her exploration of the emotional state that led her to want to use drugs in the first place, but the nitty-gritty account of the process of shooting up different
prescription opiates and the kinds of needles she used. This is a perzine in the truest sense of the word. (Mary Green)

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