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Food zine, Sarah E. Hoffman, 16 pgs,, $3

While I always thought the process of kombucha fermentation was relatively straightforward, this zine quickly brings up several new ideas and tricks (I had never even considered coffee kombucha) to vastly improve your end product and streamline the process, making this an excellent addition to anyone’s witchy recipe shelf. For those unfamiliar: Kombucha is
basically fermented black tea, produced through a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Early on in the zine, Hoffman frames the patience and interaction of fermentation as a political and economic statement, as she believes the process rejects mass marketing and encourages a more intimate knowledge of the human body and its bacterial ecosystem. She
challenges the reader to be more critical of the food we consume, how it’s produced, and how it interacts with out body. Hoffman spreads herself between several different food projects, including writing weekly beer reviews and journals about her culinary pursuits and those of others. All her efforts are meant to inspire, engage and challenge our approaches to food. To further facilitate the public’s access to the secrets of food, her website offers free access to a kombucha course she designed. It is obvious that Hoffman simply loves food and wants to
help improve our diets and expand our minds one step at a time. (Andrew Melanson)


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