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The cult of culturholics has an insatiable appetite, launching into their favourite list of links like a diligent latchkey kid. But with all the ‘links’ sites out there, where do they start? Or what do they add to their list of dailies? Well, New Yorkers can keep it local with

This is the web-wing of the bi-yearly publication of the same name. The publication is an ‘arts and lifestyle community’ based in Manhattan, and producing (along with this site) publications, art exhibits and “unique events for the Metropolitan mindset.” While there are articles on interesting and bizarre newsworthy events around the NY area featured on the blog, the site is primarily for art-events. It features everything from the science behind street tags, to interviews with local art talent. Tags to past stories are arranged as small image crops– a nice break from the usual text-lists running down the side of most blog-pages. This is how I came to see an image featuring the word “isheep.” I inquire with a click and read about a local art collective called Sandisk which have launched an “Idon’t” attack on the iPod culture with apple-inspired ads featuring isheep, izombies and ichimps. So start at something subversive or just pretty, in any case come get yer’ culture, animalnewyork is servin’. (James King)

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