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Aquagirl 1995

Honestly, I was rather impressed by how this zine was put together. The cover is shiny, full-colour and rather well done.

When I opened it, however, pretty much all of that went out the window.

The content consists of a collection of childish-drawings, which I’m sure are supposed to be charming, but really are an eyesore. The black-and-white, faded drawings are random, ugly, and the ink occasionally bleeds through the pages. I honestly have no idea what the point of this zine is, really. It says something about an “experiment” on the inside cover, but because the zine was put together so poorly the words are cut off, so I have no idea. It’s a case of “do not judge this zine by its cover.” Oh please don’t.

It does make me feel good about my mediocre drawing skills, however. Maybe get it for that. (Tara Blackmore)

Zine, Susan Grace Van Beek Rogers,

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