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zine review:

Attack!!! 10

Attack!!! 10 is composed entirely of writing and art written in response to a piece of writing published in Attack!!! 5. First off, a totally rad idea! Whether it was enjoyable to read the piece all the others are based off of… I can’t say. It seems to be about a homebody who spends most of his days on the computer, with some kind of condition where his feet are covered in warts. But the interpretations are great. A good collection of the authors take specific parts of the initial piece literally, creating direct responses, hilarious interpretations, dark images. Others use the underlying emotions and run with them.

My favourite contribution by far was “I Met A Boy The Other Night Who Said He’d Lost His Grip On Things,” where the narrator meets a boy at the bar who quite literally has no grip. He’s frictionless and is constantly struggling not to slide off his bar stool, or slip across the floor on his way to the bathroom. (Samantha Trees)

Litzine, Wes White,,, $5

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