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While reading BCSFA zine, I found myself continually muttering to myself, “I guess you had to be there.” As the official newsletter of the B. C. Science Fiction Association, this zine consists of notes, ads, announcements, and rather esoteric messages passed between members. In an age of online forums, message boards, and mailing lists, asking for money for this sort of thing can hardly be justified. Appropriately, it is set up like one of those bulletins you used to get in high school–black and white with a coloured paper cover, four fuzzy pictures, and text that tamely follows each successive subject heading, just like it’s supposed to. In the end, this is not really for anyone who isn’t directly involved with the BCSFA. However, if you insist on trying it anyway, it should only be approached through the mediation of an actual B.C. sci-fi geek. (J. Blackmore)

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