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Comic, Rick Thomas, issue 2,  Konspiracy Komix,, $6  

While in Victoriaville biking home from  a day of dumpster diving mattresses  with my boss at the thrift store, I  spotted a light and followed it for  nearly two hours. Standing on a milk  silo and watching the light, my brain  was flashing between pragmatic logic  and wonder. I ended up skidding down  the ladder and biking home, but have  continued to love anything UFO related  ever since. The first portion of this comic  is a brief history of Canadian UFO  researcher Wilbert B. Smith, which is  inherently awesome, but I found the  writing style made it hard to enjoy.  Continuity problems, poor grammar  and the inexplicably excessive use of  bold font caused the story to stumble  and lose momentum. This, mixed with  dumbed-down wording (which I’m  assuming was used to convey a playful,  laid back tone) comes across, instead,  as childish and bratty (such as when he  refers to the Echo satellite as the third  “thing” launched into space by western  society). The second portion of the comic,  which discusses Ley Lines and their  connection to Disneyland, feels less  like a history lesson aimed at children.  The author seems to begin finding  his voice when playing with humor  and parapolitical topics. All in all, I’m  interested in seeing how the author  will develop, as he already offers eye- catching panels; it’s just a matter of  finding a genuine voice. (Andrew  Melanson)

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