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Instrumental freakout rock in a Beefheartian/Red Crayola vein. The only possible response is a free-verse word salad…. Scrubbed and frantic opening number with Actone organ >>> Iron Butterfly, a drum clong verging into melody, burbling bass and another odd minor key riff. Animals w. Capes, well, the middle bit … a throb of major drums follow pulse of melody, instead of being the pulse. Clinking Peter on Gun the unrelated strings above drum the bit bridge. Dreary picking with arpeggios and (…reverb) (…even the Shadowy Men) (…re-verb…), this builds into a unity that couldn’t hardly be called a CRESECENDO, the coda is the brains of this outfit. Sonic youthy and a weird wail above wordless moaning makes a background. Dwarves slow riff down to a parody of itself: slow lurch. W A V E S of feed-background piercedbyflashesof LIGHTNING, but no resistance – anthemic peals and drum hold together (echoing thunderdrums). (Erik Weissengruber)


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