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zine review:

Blueprint Magazine

This issue of blueprint, the lit and culture magazine out of Wilfrid Laurier University is themed around gender and sexuality. Matthew Smith’s “A Subway Exchange,” a yearning vignette of a gay boy pining for his fellow streetcar rider (who, it is revealed, is seemingly straight and partnered), is bittersweet. Sarah Colleen Dillon’s “Saint Clitoris,” a smutty and saintly ode, gives us a trip through a raucous night on the town while it outlines the states and manifestations of vaginal arousal en route to orgasm. “Saint Clitoris” reads like your savant bard of a friend doing smut–witty, tender, rhapsodic, poetic and sexy all at once, with a smattering of facts copped from an anatomy text to ice the cake. Other pieces in this mag fall short of Dillon’s repartee; Andrew Posen’s “Dedication”–a sort of universal call to arms of the marginalized–is muddled and heavy handed, and the non-fiction works are so short as to never really argue a point in-depth, coming off as rants from a soapbox. It’s nice to see a university funding a glossy, non-newsprint arts mag that comes out on a near-monthly basis, but perhaps the increased publishing volume makes for a wider spectrum in the calibre of work within. (Sarah Pinder)

magazine, issue 3,

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