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Zine Review:

Bullshit — The Literary Issue

I was not interested in segments such as “Bayley’s Stoned Thoughts” or the cryptically repeated poem “The Song of Broken Appeasement” (which invokes various gods and repeats the words “chew, chew, chew”). However, the middle segment, two drawings sent by third grade students to “a friend of [the editors] who is an Iraq veteran” as part of a class project, are eerie and terrifying. With their proclamations of “Make Iraq the 51st state!” and childish doodles of civilians dying under American missiles, these drawings chill. If you need a reminder to be unsettled by the education system in North America, as well as the successfulness of the dissemination of warmongering rhetoric, this is it. The literary content of this zine is less moving. (Sarah Pinder)

litzine, William Orr, Feb 2008, $1 by mail, Bullshit! c/o William Orr, 452 Centre St. Apt 2, Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130 USA


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