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Bust: The Voice of the New Girl Order

It’s the 110-page fat issue of Bust, stomping all over body-image and stereotypes. Cute grrrl Janeane Garofalo’s smilin’ on the cover, and Bust just keeps getting impossibly juicier. There’s voluptuous body talk including “Hostile Makeover” by Kiley, “Take This Bra and Stuff It” by Nicki Miller, and “Skinny Bitch” by Jessica DiMaio. Plus the whole host of regulars columns, like Media Whore, the Sexxx Files, Fashion Nation, etc. Interviews abound with Janeane G, sex-educator Betty Dodson, digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot’s Hanin Elias, and improv comedian Amy Poehler. There’s book, zine, cosmetic and music reviews. Oh, Bust, thou art the goddess of grrrl zines! Reading you is like gossiping with hundreds of best friends for hours! Bust’s like a way more sassy, post-feminist “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” Bust is the computer manual for interacting with the world around us. Every girl should own at least one copy. And if you’re a really nice grrrl, you’ll share it around ’til it gets dog-eared and coffee-stained. (EPW)

magazine, CDN $5, #13, Fall 1999, Bust, PO Box 1016, Cooper Station, NY, NY, USA, 10276,

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