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Written to the tune of Edward Gorey, this little gem is just like The Gashlycrumb Tinies. But instead of telling morbid tales of 26 children, halve that number and make it about a bus. Seriously.

I present you with Exhibit A: “The chassis gave a final shiver / As it was swallowed by the river”

Now picture a colourful illustration of a bus slowly being engulfed by water. The smooth, glossy paper adds a nice touch.

The artwork also helps with the humour; the drawings are bright and simple, but not lazy. Artist Aaron Costain marries the words and pictures perfectly, providing just enough of each to get the point across.

The $7 price tag is a bit steep, considering it’s a 16-page, half-sized zine. The full version is also available in high res on his website. But I have to admit, this is something that’s best appreciated in physical form.(Amy Greenwood)

Mini comic, Aaron Costain,, $7

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