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One look at electronic dance-duo Chromeo tells you everything you need to know about them and just how cool they are (never mind that you’re hip enough to know that really they’re– nudge, nudge, wink, wink–an ironic send-up of cool… which is probably supposed to pass for the same thing these days). Predictably enough, they sport the depressingly requisite ironic facial hair of uber-hipsters everywhere (insert mid-70s porno reference here) as well as oh-so-chic gleaming white footwear. The disembodied female mannequin legs (replete with sexy black pumps) on which their keyboards stand are pretty cool or ironic or both or are at least meant to look pretty cool and ironic or both and certainly, the ’80s inspired clap-along, sing-along music Chromeo pumps out is pretty cool–so cool, in fact, it’s cold and if that’s not cool or ironic or both then I don’t know what is. (Geoffrey Brown)

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