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This site, dedicated to all things having to do with that ur-console, the Commodore, is insane. Or at least it should be attending sessions to deal with its entirely ridiculous OCD. Some LOAD”*”,8 enthusiast out there has created an exhaustive, painstakingly-indexed reservoir of knowledge about what can now only be described as useless hunks of crap. At the same time, I must say it’s heartening to find such single-minded historians of cultural detritus–it makes for fascinating reading, and delves so much deeper than the mere nostalgia that encouraged me to visit the site in the first place. I wish more computer nerds were this retrograde: open up the homepage and the scrolling message that greets you is a screed against “Apple revisionists.” On the rest of the site, you can download dozens of hand-digitized manuals for computers that became outdated in 1981. Or gaze longingly at snaps of the super-rare Commodore units made of gold, meant to commemorate the millionth item off the production line. Learn about the early Commodores’ “sparkle” problem. Marvel at vintage TV, radio, and magazine spots. Puzzle at the illfated Terminator 2 tie-in marketing (Commodores were still coming out when T2 was in theatres?). Gasp to discover that, apparently, “The final chapter of the history making [sic] Commodore 64 is not still yet [sic] written nearly 25 years after it began as an idea for some chips.” And, you know, given the technology it’s devoted to, I like that the website looks like it was designed on a chalkboard and coded on a typewriter. (Sean Rogers)

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