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This second issue of Community Insurrection has interviews and articles by some of the better-known activist and community organizations in Vancouver. Zailda Chan of the Bus Riders Union [BRU] discusses current campaigns and strategies of the BRU, No One Is Illegal dissects and denounces the Minutemen Project (a vigilante group patrolling the American/Canadian border), and there’s a short introduction to the Anti-Poverty Committee. There are also articles on Coca-Cola’s union busting in Colombia and environmental destruction in India, a piece on food and anti-imperialism, poetry in English and Spanish and community listings in the back. The most interesting piece in this issue is a back and forth discussion between ashlee christoffersen and an unnamed reader entitled “Reflections on Canadian Culture” that challenges the stereotypical and racist assumptions of the Canadian national identity and culture. While some of the articles read a bit too much like protest speeches, this zine is a good introduction to issues and groups organizing in the Greater Vancouver Area; it’s well designed and packed full of information, a great place to start for aspiring activists. (Krisztina Kun)

Zine, Anticapitalist Community Forum Zine Working Group, #2, free, Box #157, 345 East Broadway, Vancouver BC V5T 1W5,

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