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I’ve always loved metal, but it’s sometimes difficult to accept the often misogynous lyrics so deeply ingrained within the genre. Generally, I just laugh them off, but sometimes it’s not so easy – like when some rocker dude has just broken your heart. No-one likes to think they’re just a piece of ass, but listening to Love Gun over and over again won’t really convince you otherwise. Luckily, there may finally be an antidote to this cock rock overkill. The women of Cougar Party make raw, raunchy metal that swaggers with defiance, tackling a range of important, often overlooked issues, with gritty aplomb. From the gender inequality of mosh pits (1, 2, 3 Go! Circlepit!), to the reluctance of some men to go down (Going Down with Cougar Party), no apologies are made for sounding and talking tough on this album. It’s refreshing to hear music made by women who aren’t afraid to stand up and be counted as feminists – or thank kittens in their liner notes. (Karyn Bonham)


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