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If we’re to take Dave at his word (and I think we should), this newsletter actually represents the way he keeps in touch with folks he knows (and all others). So this personal zine type thing is your entrance into the world of Dave, your opportunity — and I would take it — to be friends with Dave. All sorts of meanderings populate this short but sweet bit of correspondence; quotes from Spalding Gray, Stephen Leacock and Adrian Mole, stray thoughts from our man Dave, quote pairings that make you think eg. things said between Grytpype and Seagoon, Vladimir and Estragon, Marwood and Withnail and last but never least Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Dave also gives us boxed memories, like his first ever memory, and one about his father’s toast. Sorry you’ll have to get your own Dave. This one’s ours.

newsletter / issue 11, 8 pages / no known publisher / main creator: David Otterson / free (with stamp) / box 292, station f, Toronto, m4y 2l7, / e-mail

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