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Zine, C. N. Hubbarde & A. R. Arvelo McQuaig,  2012 Anthology issues 36-41,, $5

Approaching this zine, I had one of  those don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover  moments.  Deep Madder’s small text  and densely populated pages make the  zine look altogether unapproachable  and daunting, but once I started  reading I found its charm and humour  contradicted all of my pre-judgments.  This zine is one of the most approachable  texts I have ever read.  This annual anthology begins with  issue 36, a helpful, funny, and self- deprecating guide to appreciating,  contributing to, and murdering  Deep  Madder Monthly.  The following issues  examine the social implications of the  ways we communicate.  The entire  anthology is riddled with themes of  power, alienation and the complexities  of our most basic social interactions.  This is achieved through deeply  personal stories and excerpts from  diaries and personal emails. Relatable,  yet, intellectual writing makes for  an enjoyably thoughtful set of essays  to make you think about your own  relationship to the world and your  social interactions.  When I think back to my initial  reaction to this anthology’s cover I  wonder, “What was I thinking!” (Anna  Wellman)

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