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This zine is a pretty mixed bag, so I’ve decided to just go through it entry by entry to make this review easier for both you and me (and the contributors, who can just scan through this paragraph and find their names). Ready? Okay.

Elise Bayle’s short story is creepy; the language in it twists and twirls around. A good start. Andy 44’s two ads for horror-themed products (the devil holding up a can of pop and a vampire advising us “never [to] get out of coffin” without our vampire credit card) are kind of funny and really well-drawn. Osuch’s untitled photo is creepy too. Ian George’s poem “There Ain’t Nothing” has its heart in the right place, but is a little too scattered for my taste. I totally didn’t understand Alex Storino’s interview with some guy named John Ofner. So either it’s an inside joke that went completely over my head or I’m just stupid and failed to grasp the point. Bridgette Habel’s drawings are cute, and Sandra Carpenter’s short story “The Shrine” is interesting but I wish it were a little longer. Matthew Harrison’s two drawings of monsters are cute too. I can’t really say much about Stephen Brommer’s art review, ’cause I never saw the show he’s reviewing, and Tammy Kenward’s piece about strippers is interesting, but seems a little rushed. There’s nothing bad about Delete, but I wish I could see individual zines from all the contributors instead of these little snippets of their work, because I felt like a lot of the time I hadn’t seen enough of any of the contributors’ stuff to judge it properly. (Emma Healey)

litzine, Tammy Kenward, issue 4, $4,

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