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I like the corseted girl on the cover; I like the corseted girl on the back. Immediately, my attention is drawn, held for a while until I am able to turn the page and read the words ‘Dry Humper Says.’ Indeed. I am not feeling that dry. ‘The thought of rubbing up against a man’s groin makes me want to cum,’ the story begins. I read once that all it takes, to see if you will enjoy a book, is for you to read that very first sentence: as much as that sentence thrills you, so will the rest 250 pages of prose — or in this case prose, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, and erotic photography. The first page of “Delete” is enough for me to know that I will be charmed, titillated, amused, and turned on by the contents but, perhaps just to prove my pet theory, I persist. I want to see the rest. I turn the page. The next page is full of personal ads from people who find dry humping to be a very interesting activity, and have the 8 inch – never mind! – to prove it! Chocolate, fingers that smell like sex, $40 backrubs and $5 blowjobs: this is adult entertainment at its best — love and lust in the age of the internet — and this issue of “Delete” teases and torments, and pokes fun at the dirty reality of sex, the throats sore from moaning and the half empty jars of Vaseline™. Aptly titled “Temptation,” the zine delivers just that: attraction of the most animalistic, base form. It is with a fair mixture of fascination and apprehension that I await the next issue of Tammy Kenward’s creation: “Fear and Phobias.” (Andree Lachapelle) (Andree Lachapelle)

Tammy Kenward 31 Fuxbar Rd., Toronto, ON M4V 2G5

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