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I heart collectives. I like the spirit that they start out in, I like the idea of contributing toward a common goal. I like it when people work together. So, the RADAR Friends intrigue me a lot and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of what they do. This collection from the collective is centred around the theme of Departure and the contributions are a mixed bag. Of the selections, I enjoyed Colleen MacIsaac’s first “departure: An Archibald Adventure” but not her second, “hourly comic”. Archibald is a sweet, no-text comic that ends very nicely. “Hourly comic” is just as it sounds and ends up being mundane. Kailey Prose’s “Depart” is successful in how straightforward it is, while Jordyn Bochon’s “Shoot” seems a bit like an in-joke that I can’t get and leaves me frustrated. Overall though, I love the theme and I love the ideal behind this collection and while these pieces may not have taken me by storm, I do look forward to great things from this group. (Jon Pressick)

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