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Dig 12 arrives wrapped in old maps and telling traveler’s tales, tracing the places in life one journeys to without purpose or plan. In this collection of short fiction, poems and an author interview, the most realized pieces seem to be on the accidental theme of travel and the journey. The short stories are highlights in this collection, as is the “Writer to Writer” interview. “Fuselage” is a particularly poignant piece that pulls the reader along by inches to an unexpected place. “Tomorrow Is, After All” beautifully evokes the sense of mythic dislocation you might feel when traveling in an ancient, alien place. The poetry is rather on the weak side, and this issue ends with what is quite possibly the weakest short story of the bunch. Although its spelling and grammar errors proved distracting, this one is still well worth the read. (J. Blackmore)

Litzine, Jennifer LoveGrove, issue #12, $6 + $1 postage, Jennifer LoveGrove, 91 Avondale Ave, Toronto ON M2N 2V1,

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