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There aren’t too many zines that come ensconced with their very own one-of-a-kind polyurethane covers. But that’s just how Dig rolls and it looks good on ’em, thank you very much. An art project curated by Toronto’s Jennifer Love Grove, Dig features poetic contributions from a number of Canadian writers and seeks to stretch the boundaries of what’s considered poetry and what’s consider rubbish. There’s a bit of both in here. Thumbs up to Kevin Connolly–his contributions were the pick of this litter as he managed to express some sentiment in a way that’s not too oblique or remote. Sure, pieces like “Double Suicide” come off as a bit heavy handed but luckily, the imagery that Connolly can evoke more than makes up for it. Another treat is an interview with poet Jen Currin, who talks about her recent The Sleep of Four Cities collection and the state of poetry in the digital age, or something therein. Otherwise, there is a lot of standard fair for a litzine and you’re best to approach accordingly. (Cameron Gordon) (Cameron Gordon)

91 Avondale Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2N 2V1,

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