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This zine documents Lindsey Pegdonatops’ and Virgil Dinobot’s search for dinosaurs in Canada. A clever take on a zine about hitchhiking from town to town, the two write about going around with dinosaurs shaved in their hair (which, if true, is so cool), and discovering plastic, fossilized, and imaginary dinosaurs along the way. Stories of storms give way to lines like “the coils of the cloud whipped back like a tail,” and the zine gives way to stories of trying to sleep in a zoo and meeting cowboys in bars. This zine isn’t only a collection of travel stories but is also a collection of poetry and letters Lindsey and Virgil wrote while on the road. It’s all laid out in a nice cut n’ paste style with plenty of dinosaur images to keep the theme going. This is a zine that manages to be fun and heartfelt all at once. (Liz Worth)

3-3627 Notre Dame O., Montreal, Quebec, H4C 1P6,

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