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The first issue of DIY or Don’t We? proved to be an excellent read and the second issue does not disappoint. I was immediately captivated by the first contribution, a piece written by the For The Birds feminist collective of NYC. They explain how the collective came to be and what sorts of events and initiatives they facilitate; but more importantly, they are brutally honest about the problems that the group has faced (interpersonal conflicts, white privilege) and outline the ways in which they’ve worked toward creating a safer space for all members and learned how to better communicate with each other. This should certainly be looked at as a resource and learning tool for other collectives.
Other highlights include the contributions of illustrator, cookbook author and activist Isy Morgenmuffel, a comic and short piece about The Cowley Club, a social centre and collective space located in Brighton, UK. The club was opened in 2003 and runs entirely on a volunteer basis, and in her pieces Morgenmuffel shares the story of founding the centre, the work that went into renovating it and the efforts to keep things running smoothly. Plus, her comics are totally cool.
DIY or Don’t We? is packed with content, including a piece by Sara Kitchener on the role that she played in supporting a Palestinian farmer’s struggle to keep his land, an intriguing article by Lindsae Williams about discovering community in a local burlesque troupe as well as pieces on fruit-pickin’ and jam-makin’, mental health and self-care, and a list of other zines about community, support and allyship. Not to mention, the illustrations are adorable. (Amber Forrester)

Compilation Zine, #2, PO Box 743, Olympia, WA, 98507, USA, diy.or.don’, $3 US, $4 Canada

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