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We received this zine just a little too late to squeeze it into the horror issue, but better late then never.

Eighteen is a true fanzine. What it lacks in production values is made up for in devotion and content. Volumes two and three of Eighteen each focus on a specific series within the horror genre. Volume two is devoted to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, with interviews with various actors from the films, reviews of the series and trivia. Volume three is mostly focussed on Dawn of the Dead but it ventures into other Dead movies, with the highlight being the interview with the “machete zombie” from Dawn of the Dead.

The writers for Eighteen are clearly devotees of the horror genre, they even travel for their horror fix as visits to the Monroeville Mall (from Dawn of the Dead) and various conventions are documented throughout. They don’t come across as gore hounds, rather they appear to actually appreciate the films for their qualities, not just because they’re full of blood and guts.

The issues were released in 2005 and 2006, but from the urgency of the emails I received from Stewart, urging me to find his zine and review it, I suspect he’ll be coming out with another issue. (Lindsay Gibb)

zine, Jason Stewart (and others), Anxiety Entertainment, $4, 14 Kingsway Cres, St Catherines, ON, L2N 1A6,,

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