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zine review:

Elvis Goes to Parkes

Anime North, eat your heart out: you haven’t experienced true cosplay until you’ve feasted your eyes on the outrageousness that is Elvis Goes To Parkes. The synopsis: a bunch of non-Elvis fans decide to roadtrip it to the town of Parkes (Australia) and participate in the annual Elvis festival.

The result? A zine full of snaps of Elvis wannabes as they parade about the streets, compete in look-alike and singing competitions and get their swag on at the ultra-chic merch tables.

All the shots are printed in black and white and resemble old newspaper photos. But even if I described them to you, it wouldn’t do them justice and I wouldn’t want to spoil the heyday you’ll have trying to picture them, anyway. Just think: a quaint Australian town of just under 11, 000, gathering for a five-day Elvis-a-thon. I mean, the only other thing they’re known for is a satellite dish that was featured in some Aussie flick.

So grab this zine if you want a good laugh. You’ll get Elvis in all his reincarnations: guy, gal, child, fat, thin, even Indian. Funny thing is, most of these guys would fare better in a Van Morrison competition.

And if you like what you get out of this issue, know that it doesn’t stop there: the next escapade has these zinesters bustin’ out their bumbles for Parkes’ national marbles championship. It’s sure to be a hoot … if that kinda thing is up your alley. (Amy Greenwood)

Zine, Meggs, $4,

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