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Just where the hell do we come from? The question of our origins has both baffled and captivated people for as long as we’ve been bumbling around on this planet. Scientists research it; philosophers mull over it; ministers preach about it and comic book artists, well, entertain it. For them, not knowing is a free ticket into the imaginary and, not surprisingly, this question has fuelled numerous storylines in equally numerous media.

Entropy is Aaron Costain’s take on the subject. In this story, a golem is trying to discover the meaning of his life and, being utterly alone, wonders where everyone is. He later meets an angel who unlocks the mystery behind creating others.

Costain drew this between January to May last year, which seems like a long time for a small comic just under 30 pages. But the panels say it all. The opening page with the angel silhouetted by speed lines probably took days of meticulous line-drawing with a ruler.

Costain’s ability to capture body language and facial expressions with simple lines is also impressive; it’s so realistic it’s as if he used models. I love comics where the illustrations add to the dialogue, rather than being a mere representation of it. It definitely makes me want to go on a treasure hunt for the missing issues. Incredible. (Amy Greenwood)

Mini Comic, Aaron Costain,, $4

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