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You know that whooshy feeling you get when you watch a movie trailer? When the music builds to a heart-shattering crescendo and the scenes begin to flicker rapidly across the screen with close-ups on the protagonist’s face, making it seem like the moment is an infinite collection of reflection and feeling? The style of writing in Fang It gives me that whooshy feeling.
In Fang It, we follow Lusty Day through her attempts to get laid in various settings. It reads fast and sloppy, messy and honest and sexy and funny. Reading it turned me on, caught me off guard and left me wanting more.
The narrative also delves into desperation and self-destruction, with forays into role-playing and playing house. In the introduction Day writes, “I wanna break down secrecy, shame, ownership and hierarchy in our shared sexual communities… I wanna build more sex power [and] community.” I think Lusty accomplishes this through her honesty and by the way she depicts sex as an adventure. (Grace Evans)

Zine, Lusty Day,, $5

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