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zine review:

Fat Grrrlz! #2

Fat Grrrlz! describes itself as a “radical re­sponse to anti-fat culture.” Filled with per­sonal essays, encouraging reminders (“Do tell people what you think!” reads one handwrit­ten page, “Don’t assume they get it”), inter­views and “Fat Resources,” Fat Grrrlz! is both a love-letter to size pride and acceptance and a call to reclaim the word “fat” with comfort and conviction. Author Brandi-Lee lends the zine humour, too, scrawling “WTF?” along­side vintage advertisements that admonish us: “Don’t Be Fat!” But Fat Grrrlz! is more than, as it says, a response to anti-fat culture: it also seeks to forge a new culture, where one’s size is something to be proud of. (Clara Lavery)

zine, Brandi Lee, P.O. Box 1568, New York, NY, 10276, uSA,, $2 uS/$3 elsewhere or trade

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