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To put a review of this movie in an issue about food is simply cruel. This movie is gross, disturbing, unnerving … and good.

The story is about an Australian Internet cop named Phillip who stumbles upon an American website that specializes in feeding women to death. He then sets out to America to try to stop the man behind the website from killing another lady. If you’re looking for happy endings, grey clouds with silver linings, or anything else of the happy rainbow persuasion, this movie is not for you. I didn’t sympathize with any character at all. Phillip has a very strained and slightly twisted relationship with his girlfriend. Michael-who runs the website-well he runs the website, so that explains why he’s unredeemable. Even the woman Michael is feeding to death seems to be unwholesome. She forms some sort of emotional bond with Michael and wants to stay with him. Secondary characters like wives and girlfriends are completely unredeemable. It made for an interesting, stark and bleak movie.

This was a severe departure from the norm for director Brett Leonard whose resumé includes Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity and a Siegfried & Roy documentary. For whatever reasons, Leonard decided to change things up with this low budget, indie thriller. If you enjoyed things like Se7en or Silence of the Lambs you could end up enjoying this. Just be prepared if you have a weak stomach. (Jordan Price)

Dir. Brett Leonard, DVD,

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