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Neu was my least favourite of the big three Krautrock bands mostly because reissues of the seminal recordings were not readily available at the time I was drinking from the pool of this sort of thing. Since the relentless motorrik rhythms on this Montreal debut remind me of those relentless little Germans, it doesn’t, so to speak, thrill me as much as, say, a crazed Japanese man singing with Royal Conservatory students under the influence of the Velvet Underground. But tonight, for some reason, with my family sleeping and me writing reviews as I slowly doze off on the couch, I hear this Montreal quartet as something more than soundscapes and vaguely dubby-beats. If only I had some marijuana to help me discern the confusing (intentionally so) layers of noise, sweetly discrete timbres shifting like bees in an aquarium and the decidedly not 4:4 timing of the drums. That would help. (Terence Dick)

CD, Constellation, PO Box 42002, Montreal QC, H2W 2T3,

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