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Although half of their membership just called it quits, Last Blush is a fine testament to the creativity of this Brampton-bred foursome. Focusing more on the band’s lighter pop tendencies than their previous EP, Spaces to Occupy and Abandon, which possessed as much of Weezer’s The Blue Album as By Divine Right’s All Hail Discordia. It seems appropriate, then, that the latter’s Jose Miguel Contreras handled production duties on this record, his indie-rock experienced ear no doubt leading to some of the great sounds that pepper songs like opener “In the Ground” and “Acquaintances.” Songwriter Noyan Hilmi has a knack for penning instantly memorable can-twee-rock ditties, while the rest of the band flesh out his sketches with occasionally subtle, occasionally (and appropriately) bombastic arrangements. While the band’s immediate future is uncertain, Last Blush is a great high-water mark for the group as a whole, which should tide fans over until their membership shuffle is complete. (Sam Sutherland)

CD, City Mouse, www.citymouserecords

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