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Cute. This zine comes with stickers of the main characters-Goat and Resty, of course-as well as with a heart-warming dedicatory epistle: “This is dedicated to all the brave goats and cats who can muster the gall and strive to achieve beyond their detractors’ expectations …”

The drawings are eye-catching, messy but effective, and the storytelling is silly and non-linear but compelling and clever.

I like it. Fat cats indulging in blissful levitation, skate-goats going X-treme, and the introduction of new words such as “adventurocityness.” Who on earth would not love this? Our heroes surf, officiate a Greco-Roman wrestling match, play with light sabres … this is a bigass roller-coaster ride of a zine!

“Goat and Resty will generate a massive cult following,” the author predicts. And who could possibly argue? (Andrée Lachapelle)

Art zine, Mike Twohig, $1, 72-1 Meadow Farm South, North Chili, NY, 14514, U.S.A.,,

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