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Unless you’re a former hair stylist who got his start singing doo-wop on the streets of Detroit, there’s no excuse for using the word “funk” in the name of your band. Have you ever heard of Punkscene Regulars? DJ Oh-Oh and the Techno-nos? Indie Rock Weenie Boat? No? Why? Because they’re lame names. Anyway, A Post Modern Life (also a lame name unless you’re a dandyish raconteur being both Modernist and ironic) is mellow, slightly funky, lounge jazz with flute solos and an ingénue singing sweet nothings (put an emphasis on the nothings) with all the vim and vigor of an airport bar band (if they even have such a thing anymore). Alas, there was a time when funk meant something dirty, not antiseptic; leave it to a couple of Swedes to cock up the translation. (Terence Dick)

CD, Aporia Records Inc., PO Box 996, Stn. F, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2N9,

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