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zine review:

Ganglion #2

GangLion, the comics-zine brainchild of Georgia Webber and David Missio, is “a semi-annual zine focused on publishing newcomers to the medium of comics.” Committed to inclusiveness and encour­aging new comic artists, with a mandate to never decline a submission, one might expect the work published in gangLion to be rather hit-and-miss. The truth is just the opposite: in beautiful yet simple packaging, the zine’s second issue hosts 14 artists with diverse styles and sentiments. The comics found in gangLion range from absurd humour to sin-gle-panelled, wordless and touching illus­trations. What’s particularly impressive is that the collection houses this diversity with comfort and ease–nothing appears out of place. Issue two is a split theme, with half the artists playing with the notion of “coun­try,” while the rest of their peers focus their attention to depicting scenes and stories of “city.” True to gangLion’s core values of in­clusiveness and difference, the artists’ inter­pretations of these themes are as various as their styles. (Clara Lavery)

Comic zine, eds. Georgia Webber and David Missio,

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