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This review is doing double-duty, as it’s covering two issues of Generation Exploitation, neither of which are numbered. This zine gives an insightful look into exploitation movies. Cataloguing the rare, obscure, weird, and ridiculous Generation Exploitation gives the run down on insane plot lines, memorable scenes, and highlights from a deluge of films. The issue with Herve Villechaize (which editor Kliph Nesteroff has pegged as “either the third or fourth issue”) reviews Joanna Kearns’ (Growing Pains) film debut in a movie so bad there’s no resisting it, along with a movie that gave Jimi Hendrix an acting role and a couple of Happy Hooker films, along with many, many others. The other issue, with Don Knotts on the cover, is just as jam packed with reviews, and also includes a lengthy interview with comedian Woody Woodbury.

The great thing about Generation Exploitation is that you don’t have to know anything about exploitation movies to get interested in what Nesteroff is writing about. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and eye for detail make for writing that is as informed as it is fun, which are qualities that are perfectly suited for the subject matter. (Liz Worth)

Zine, Kliph Nesteroff, $3, 8-1730 E. Pender, Vancouver, BC, V51 1W4,

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