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Grilled cheese sandwich. The most underrated food aside from Kraft macaroni and cheese, this food serves a revolutionary purpose in the movie of the same name. Jonathan Culp captures the boredom and absurdity of a suburban deathtrap known as Grimsville, reflecting any suburban city in the Greater Toronto Area. There is very little to do in Grimsville save party and form a grilled cheese sandwich club. The idea sprang from a regular video night when an infomercial sandwich maker created the ultimate snack and the group of friends had an epiphany to make a grilled cheese sandwich club at school. The mandate was to sell them at Grimsville High and make grilled cheese sandwiches the alternative to the grossly expensive and grossly awful cafeteria food. But when the friends Marsh, Shlouty, Beano, Dolby and the rest realize that no one wants to join their club, and more importantly that that others cannot afford the sandwiches dissent arises amongst the founding members and anarchy begins. The sandwiches are given away for free, sparking a feud with all the prime class structures: the man, Principal Middleman; the capitalists, Squirrely’s Pizza and the union, the Moose Meat Ladies. Grilled Cheese Sandwich mixes high school angst and left wing tactics resulting in a funny foray into cheesy acting and cheesy singalongs as well as an off the wall climax at the school dance. The communist dialogue and gross out tidbits involving throwing up and losing body parts has its moments. There is also a standout performance from punk rocker, Shannon who flits from one mindless job to another usually getting fired for her very hostile and funny don’t-mess-with-me attitude. Grilled Cheese Sandwich will make you reminisce about your high school days and maybe influence you to take out some ketchup and dip into a good grilled cheese sandwich. (Andrea Nene)

Dir: Jonathan Culp,

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