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In his editorial Craig says that no one buys his zine so I’m here to tell you that this has to change. I mean fifty cents and you got a lot of action. Craig’s rough-worn comic stylings are reason enough — crudeness is in these days. And besides that, they have that real-life events unfolding way of just getting to ya, like when the strap breaks on his guitar, you just feel for the guy. And hey other non-events are depicted in Craig’s basically dull life. Fifty cents. This guy even gets letters from other zines that say almost nothing. If it doesn’t bother him that he can barely draw, why should it bother you? Sample dialogue: “Well this punk guy who was with this friend of mine, Robin, came up to me and said, ‘sorrry about your friend.'” One more thing: Craig’s probably the nicest guy you could send fifty cents to in this whole magazine.

comic / #5 / publisher: Ennui Project / main creator: Craig Moser / 50 cents / 2833 Springland Dr., Ottawa, ON, K1V 9S7

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