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I was happy to have Hermana, Resist back in my hands. Noemi’s writing has hit home with me in the past. This one is just as smart, serious, and right on about the issues, but this time I had a harder time taking it all in. I was too busy absorbing the shockwaves of a gal with a big ole chip in her shoulder. Did I change, build up some intolerance for the chipped shoulder since the last Hermana, or did the chip grow? Don’t get me wrong Noemi is not blowing up the issues, the isms, or the struggle she and many others face. But something about her delivery takes away from that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick this one up cause there’s good stuff here like a piece on reading your work publicly and what not to do. Also included are progressive discussions of the zine world, feminism, and family violence. Not to mention a great bonus a la mixed cd. As I listened to it I had a vision of Noemi with headphones on leaning into the mike with her kick-ass words, mixing music, and bringing people together with her community building efforts. Keep on trucking Noemi, and seriously, ever heard of pirate radio? (heze douglas)

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