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This is the first — and only — issue of the comic book based on the titular cult film directed by Canadian filmmaker Jason Eisener, and it does a masterful job of showing off the grim and gritty artistic talent of Nova Scotia. Commissioned and produced
by Maritime comic book retailers Strange Adventures, Hobo expands on Eisner’s gore-filled journey through the streets of Scumtown, with one story adapted straight from an original scene that didn’t make the movie. A viewing of the source material is certainly encouraged, but if you’re even remotely interested in this book then you’ve probably already subjected your eyes to Eisener’s acidic, shotgun-blasting, Rutger Hauer-roaring vision.

From four-panel strips to eight-page tales, this book treads a wide breadth of mayhem, and utilizes a capable group of Haligonian cartoonists. Mike Holmes (True Story, Bravest Warriors) and Dave Howlett (Slam-a-rama) spin a colourful and offbeat story that somehow ends with a video store recapturing its popularity in the community. It’s as- close-to-a-fairy-tale-ending as we could ever expect, and in contrast, another of the book’s offerings gives us a gory glimpse into the chaos that rages around the extremely eerie yet oddly endearing characters known as The Plague. There are a few other narratives in the issue that are inspired by the film, and all of them manage to maintain the film’s grimy ambience and giddily crude language.

The Hobo comic boasts fits of humour, an extremely varied palate of art and more than enough blood- soaked panels to satisfy any fan of the flick. It does a great job of expanding on the Hobo universe by doing more than just firing a few more shotgun shells. Hell, it’s even got an introduction to the Hobo Code — illustrated by Patrick Burgomaster — you know, for those who want to become part of the Bindle Brotherhood. (Sean F. Hamilton)

Comic, issue 1, volume 1, various artists, Yer Dead Comics Group, Strange Adventures, 5262 Sackville, Halifax and 101 Portland, Moncton,, $2.99

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