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Travel writing is a fine tradition, perhaps one of the oldest forms of literature. So, obviously, is journaling. Combined there are so many wonderful and fantastical stories out there, ones that have been told, so many others to come. Those with the wanderlust are often terrific with the pen. There is one way that travel writing/journaling can go wrong, though. That is when your stories, your experiences, are not that interesting. I must say that I think, because this is issue 2 of If Death Comes…, that perhaps I’ve missed some important things in issue 1. However, I just could not get into the stories that Todi tells here. They aren’t captivating. Maybe they are to those who are involved, but not to the general reader. I’m not inspired to follow in your footsteps, to see what you’ve seen, to experience more of what you’ve been enjoying. And I should feel that way when I read stories of the road. I’ve no doubt these have all been experiences of meaning to him, but sadly, they don’t translate into an interesting zine. (Jon Pressick)

RR #3, Fire #4 Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0

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