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Zine Review:

If Destroyed Still True

The intro to issue three of If Destroyed Still True really got my hopes up. Nine seems like the kind of angry queer feminist that could write really invigorating polemical prose. I was so looking forward to basking in a decadent amount of inflammatory zine writing. But, alas, this issue is a perzine. After switching gears, I allowed myself to be drawn in by a disjointed series of traveller’s tales as Nine backpacks across the British Isles to memorialize and deal with her mother’s death. She is achingly honest throughout, and presents a clear picture of her grief, and how there really is no right way to go through bereavement. Later on, she segues to a meditation on an abusive relationship she has recently escaped, and here too her personal experience is open and forthright enough to be useful to anyone else who suspects they also may be in a similar situation. I wish she had spent a little more time on this topic, but she confesses that there is much she is still unwilling to share. This is an engaging, intimate and varied perzine, and it has much to offer fans of this genre. (J. Blackmore)

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