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Issue says, “We here at Issue love to approach our subjects as if looking for a diamond ring you dropped in the toilet. It’s going to be cold, messy and smell bad, but once you got a hold of that sucka…”

I don’t know if I would go so far as to retrieve an issue of Issue from the toilet, but I would be sad if it fell in while I was reading it. This is a diamond in the rough. And I mean rough. People need to stop putting watermark images behind text, I could barely read the thing. But then I bought some reading glasses from the dollar store and put my differences aside and had a great ol’ time with Issue. Their interviews are hilarious and the bands they chose to cover are all on the CD included. This issue focuses (sort of) on karaoke. They interview Toronto’s king of karaoke, and some guy named Pierre who likes to draw William Shatner in his spare time. Oh there’s more craziness where that all came from. Issue: stupid name for a zine, instant party regardless. (Sheri Barclay)


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