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Kazine — or Kazoo zine — is a little mag based out of Guelph, Ontario. Like many zines, it’s community-centric with reports on local events and interviews, but its content is also quirky and bizarre.

So after reading that profound poem about a playwright, you look to the opposite page and find an article comparing Stephen Harper to a largemouth bass. Next time you see him, note his “fish lips” and “beady little eyes.”

It gets better:

Fact: A freshwater bass can sense 1-200th of a drop of a substance in about 100 gallons of water. Fact: Stephen Harper can sense a 1-200th of a drop of oil revenue in thousands of acres of tar sands.

And that’s why this zine is great. Well, that and the personals ad made for Chewbacca, complete with an illustrated portrait. It seems our favourite Wookiee is looking for someone to love. They must love long walks in the sand and possess “an affinity to keratinous filaments and a proclivity to ululate.” Know someone? He can be reached at make.

But jokes aside, this zine really delivers when it comes to alternative content. Every page is different with its many collages, photographs, handwritten articles, illustrations, lino prints, poems and interviews. It’s artistically all-inclusive and you don’t have to be a pro at a discipline, either. You can tell the seasoned artists from those who are just starting out, but it’s the act of contributing that champions everything.

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for the interview with the beer-drinking cat. (Amy Greenwood)

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