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Zine Review:


The sixth issue of Guelph, Ontario’s Kazine contains an interview with a polydactyl cat. Really, there’s no need to read further. If that statement filled your heart with joy you should get this issue. For the rest of you I doubt anything I can say now will reach your icy, shriveled hearts but I’ll do my best. Kazine is a sound, eclectic mix of news and art from Guelph. It includes meandering, freestyle poetry that is, blessedly, more whimsical than annoying, and a healthy dose of spelling errors. Some pieces wander off into incomprehensibility, and this may disrupt or deepen your enjoyment of this zine, depending on your temperament, and possibly your gender. In the end, though, it’s a slice of indie culture from a place us big-city snobs pay too little attention to, and it’s definitely a zine worth supporting. (J. Blackmore)

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