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Margaret Fuller once said: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” That’s the case of Madeline Lyons, Kiss Machine’s self-described “Director of Awesome” who started as a reader, then intern, then cover artist for the current issue and subject of the feature interview and–next up–she’ll co-edit the mothership with Emma Lawson (whose current title is “Quality Control”). Founder Emily Pohl-Weary notes in her editor’s note she’s moving on to other projects. So while Kiss Machine says this is the activity issue (filled with fun like penis art and recipes), it can also be seen as the musical chairs issue (because of the directorial shift of awesomeness which I guess could also be an activity). This issue is for sure something you’ll want to bring on an airplane with you: there are oodles of junk to keep you busy and all you need is a pencil (or if you’re stuck, a stick of eyeliner). Janette Platana’s Dear Ex-Friend Cards are both sweet (Dear Ex-Friend, I still kept all your secrets), and sour (Dear Ex-Friend, You know that thing I told you that you promised never to tell anyone? I just heard it from someone else). Gobs of fascinating and sometimes useless facts are in Sally McKay’s science centre- esque pages that compare human and cat eyes in a ‘did you know?’ segment, feature a pop quiz on atoms and an experiment with brains and burgers. Though Pohl-Weary will surely be missed, readers who may too be leaders should keep an eye out for how the current readers are going to lead. (Nadja Sayej)

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